Software systems encompass a range of areas, including database management, expert systems, spreadsheets, theorem provers, window systems and word processors.

They are used in a variety of specialist areas such as reservation systems, air traffic control, construction services, commercial and residential property management, delivery and distribution systems and telecommunications networks.

When your needs are less specialised, it is easy to assume that there is no solution for your business.

SoftwareThat’s where we come in. IT Synergy provides software development products that fit your business. We create systems that adapt to your needs, rather than asking you to adapt to the system. We ensure integration with other software, where necessary, and we provide full training in utilisation and analysis.

In short we save you time, storing valuable information that is easy to retrieve, and integrating with existing packages like Sage, Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.

And we save you money, creating simpler, more efficient systems, giving you control over time, stock and financial management and future-proofing your business.

We can help with:

  • Job costing systems – time management, work-in-progress
  • Stock Control – database systems, scanner-based for warehouse, goods in and out
  • Delivery – customer order and invoice database, PDA’s for drivers
  • CMS/CRM – manage contacts, coded email storage, email/direct mail campaigns

Our primary platforms include Microsoft Access, VB, SQL Server and Sage. We are a Microsoft Partner and registered Sage developer.

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