Network Infrastructure

We have talked a lot about IT, telecoms and software. However, none of this can work properly without good infrastructure – sound, tested data cabling and safe, inspected electrical systems with back-up power built-in.

Cabling infrastructure
We take care to fully asses your data cabling needs: What do you have now? Can we match it or should it be upgraded? What will you need in the future? Has it been properly tested and do you have records?

InfrastuctureThe high quality of our advice, planning and installation has resulted in long standing relationships with clients in the public and private sector and in some very challenging buildings.

For new network cabling installation, updates, audits and relocations, our qualified engineers ensure sound voice and data connections, proper control and mapping of cabling that meet industry standards and adapt with your business.

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Electrical infrastructure
Buildings often grow organically, with systems being added, updated and extended over time and with no clear, planned development.

This is often unavoidable, but needs care every time you want to add or change equipment and systems. The best technology is only as reliable as the power feeding it.

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