10 things you should know about VOIP

1) VoIP is the future of Telecommunications

  • Voice over IP (VoIP) enables you to make voice calls over IP networks (the internet).
  • this is exciting new technology that provides businesses with significant cost efficiencies and enhanced functionality.
  • By 2009 British Telecom will have a VoIP enabled network, the industry is moving towards this technology because of the clear benefits it provides.
  • VoIP is available now and businesses can access this flexible technology to help them grow

2) A cost effective solution

  • Reduce the cost of multiple lines into your business by converging your voice and data requirements into one connection for your business
  • Call other sites on the same service for FREE
  • Benefit from reduced call charges for international and standard calls
  • Realise cost savings on investment in traditional PBX systems with our flexible and scaleable hosted solution.
  • VoIP handsets available from just over ¬£100

3) Comprehensive advanced functionality

  • Voicemail
  • Hunt Me / Find Me
  • Auto Attendant
  • Conference calling
  • Microsoft Outlook and Lotus integration
  • Customised individual User Management
  • Call Centre Applications
  • Reception Applications
  • Remote phone features
  • Web portal call control functionality

4) VoIP provides a future proof and scaleable solution

  • Software developments and functionality upgrades can be provided seamlessly and free of charge through a hosted solution.
  • Adds, moves and changes enabled with no upgrade requirements
  • Adding new extensions, moving desk or location is as easy as plugging an IP phone into an Ethernet socket

5) VoIP enables you to call any number

  • As with traditional telephone systems VoIP allows you to seamlessly call any UK, Mobile, International, Non Geographic Number or short dial service numbers.
  • The person you are calling can be on any service, traditional fixed line, cable or VoIP.

6) VoIP works on stand alone IP telephones

  • A PC or laptop is not required to make VoIP calls, a range of IP desk phones are available that connect directly into your Ethernet network.
  • Works for small, medium and large businesses and easily handles growth through these stages.

7) VoIP improves the effectiveness of your business
A BT convergence report highlighted that, of the companies that have migrated to a fully converged voice and data network:

  • 56% significantly reduced their infrastructure costs
  • 52% increased productivity
  • 39% improved organisational agility

See full report here  http://www2.bt.com/static/i/media/pdf/ict/bt_convergence_report.pdf

8) VoIP provides a single IP network

  • Cost savings can be achieved through reducing investment in multiple network infrastructure by converging voice and data communications on to a single IP network.
  • Reducing the cost of administration
  • Increasing flexibility and saleability

9) A fully hosted service

  • Instead of investing in the limitations of an expensive traditional PBX to run your telephone system, a hosted solution hosts all the functionality for you.
  • Providing a totally flexible service that can be configured for your specific business needs
  • Easily able to grow with your business
  • Online management portal allows individual users to configure their telephone requirements for their specific needs on a day to day basis.

10) All this can be provided by IT-Synergy through our telecoms partner Alliance Communications – the right solution for your business now and in the future

  • Our consultative approach allows you to converge your voice and data communications at a pace that suits your business
  • Alliance is not tied to any provider, so can access the best telecom services available on the market
  • To find out how much money you could save, with no obligation, call John Keel on 0117 317 8101
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